Church School at Immanuel (Discipling our children!)
Disciple=learning one… Utilize the learning process in discipling our children…

1. Jk-Grade 2 → Information focus.
The initial focus is to learn about Jesus and God’s Big Story!…to learn about Jesus’ HEART, his HANDS, and his FEET…
Children will learn the basic truths of the gospel message {Curriculum: "Dwell"}

2. Grade 3-5 → Practice focus.
Children will intentionally begin to put the information about Jesus into practice! {Curriculum: being developed}
What does it mean to be made in God’s image as a creator? (bird houses).
What does it mean that the world is broken, and Jesus repaired what was broken (broken medal holder)

3. Grade 6-8 → Reflect focus.
We focus on making a HEART commitment to Jesus.
The children, now becoming young people, are taught the skill of reflecting together in community on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. {Curriculum: "Dive" - teaching based on Heidelberg Catechism etc.}

4. Jk – Grade 4 → Kids Night. Once a month event to connect our youngest children (and families) together.

5. Grade 7-12 → HIVE program (school year). With several local evangelical churches (10+), on 5 Friday nights/year, our youth will be engaged in an evening of a high impact fun game (1 ½ hr), food ( ½ hr), worship (½ hr), and preaching of the word (½ hr).


6. Grade 6-8 → Mini Serve (summer) program.
A 3 day mini-serve and/or camping event to build community and to engage the learning process…

7. Grade 9-12 → SERVE (summer) program.
A one week summer event in which our children are invited to go to different places to SERVE.

Note: For the HIVE, SERVE and MINI-SERVE events, leaders would be asked to challenge the kids
How did you get your hands dirty/practice?
How was your heart changed/touched/reflection?
How are your feet now entering, and going to enter into the places of hurt in a broken world – bring hope and healing in Jesus name?